Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Battle: Neu Hair vs Olde Hair

neu hair

The style is so Oshkosh (-1 pt)
Bartender mistakes you for boy at Ladies' Night (-5 drinks)
Shampoo and Conditioner supply expectancy triple (+1 pt)
New musk scent from using men's hair products (+1 pt)
Bad-Ass Legitimacy (+5 pts)
Dating options diminish completely (+2 sympathy pts)
Favorite plaid flannel takes extended leave of absence (+3 pts, for others)

olde hair

Little girls want to be your friend (+1 auxiliary pt)
Deceptively Younger Looking (+3 pts)
Routine Bad-Hair Days (-4 pts)
Continual sweeping of hair tones both biceps and triceps (+1 pt)
Inevitable Side-Bun (-3 pts)
Dad Approved (+2 monetary pts)
Image Consistency with 1994 (-5 pts)