Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cabin Log: Bike Tour

Preface: The Cabin Log is a journal that my family updates, with quips and stories, each and every visit to the cabin.

Entry Date: May 3rd, 2007

Riding Tips:
  1. Leather: It is not always about fashion. While some might consider chaps an ugly cousin to overalls, it is really about keeping your body above 80 degrees; and darn it, they work real well.
  2. Comfortable Riding Distance: When riding passenger, you need to keep a comfortable distance between you and your driver at take off, or else you will end up head-butting your driver.
  3. Safety Glasses: It is not always about fashion, part deux. When you're cruising above 70 mph, the sheer force of the wind could shatter glass lenses, or at least create a dangerous situation when gravel and such is propelled into your face. (Which I experienced twice, on my forehead).
  4. Conversation: Do not try making conversation with your driver. It is near impossible. Espcially if they are 53 years old, wearing ear plugs and partially deaf.
  5. Lack of Conversation: Come prepared with a hell of a lot to think about.
  6. Neck Muscle Building: A beefy neck is most important. Helmets are heavy.

I recommend a tour de force with a little rumble in the trunk. You can experience many new things, like: country highways, towns called Shiocton, roadkill (up close), and my personal favorite: watching other people drive.