Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Life Update

I haven't been contributing to this blog as frequently as I had planned. I apologize to those of you who check back often hoping for some kind of update only to find Gramma's youtube video. It still cracks me up, but I'm partial.

When I first arrived home, every little thing I saw, heard or experienced felt wild and new. I was constantly inspired to document the rockwellian cacophony.

It's not that the new smell has disappeared completely, but I'm more of a local at this point, not so much a visitor. I work a job, drive a wagon (that I own!), I'm a regular at Gramma's game nights, I repeat the recipes I discovered earlier this summer etc etc

And the new crazies (people, places, things) I encounter, don't seem as crazy. My expectations have changed. Also, now that I'm not just on summer va-ca, running through green fields with Cody hopping alongside, I'm trudging through the adult planning stages again.

I'm happy to write that I'm still receiving a ton of support from family, friends and new acquantainces to continue my music studies. I plan to audition with the state university by the end of the month for a second bachelors in Music Education, with an emphasis in General and Choral Music. I am choosing entry into the dept with piano as my instrument, over voice. Singing comes naturally to me, and I need the kick in the butt to get to the level I know I'll be happy at, on the piano. I already completed a piano minor, so I'm hoping I can whip through the degree in less than two years.

I have full support from the local public school districts to student teach in their systems, so I just need to actually memorize a couple piano audition pieces (a chopin prelude and bach fugue, me thinks) and get the paperwork sorted. I've been stalling a bit. My fabulous 'business' career was heading into decent money and an Associate Director title. Now I'll be back in school, not even a graduate degree program, when I turn 30, and taking a job for a mighty piddly salary. I left NY because those kinds of things started to become too important to me, but it's not like POOF! you leave and all the filth rinses off the next day in the shower. I'm getting there, but unfortunately it's a struggle.

So...I'll hopefully be enrolled full time next January, but I might still be living with my folks for a while. Gramma would love for me to stay with her. She lives in a condo only a mile from where I'm staying now. Grampa has been in a home for almost three years with advanced Alzheimers; she gets lonely. And for some reason, as has been previously posted, me and senior crowd get along famously. Gramma and I already hang out half the week: Cary Grant Appreciation Night, Scrabble, Culvers (best fast food ever), Saturday afternoon mass (to be posted on soon, 'Polka Part Two') etc etc So maybe I'll vacation with her from time-to-time, to keep it fresh at home. Hahaha. I sound incredibly boring. I still dance and act silly, promise.

In the meantime, the family friend I currently work for has offered to keep me on part-time while I'm in school, and I will be taking on my first piano student soon! I joined a professional choir (to be posted on soon, 'Big White Bird') which takes up a hell of a lot of time - wow - it's nuts. I'm learning 14 songs, and I'm singing second alto, which is all harmony, for a Fall concert in three weeks. I have to sell tickets for that, crap.

See, it's like NORMAL PEOPLE stuff here now. Another example: I went to the local fabric store yesterday and bought a bunch of fun prints to use in my first QUILT! No shit. I'm going to learn how to quilt, a smaller quilt, with applique (abstract sailboats), for a friend's baby. My mom just died and is hoping to make it to Heaven.

I'm going to an Apple Orchard slash Pumpkin Patch this coming weekend with Gramma. I can't wait to carve a pumpkin for the front porch, which no one will see because we live in the country, but whatevs. I'll take a photo for you. And I'll comment on more fun topical stuff soon. As for now, I have to run; the Packers are playing the Vikings. And I'm wearing a Rodgers' jersey. It's my mom's. There was a Packer theme at work today, so I wore the polyester nightgown over my scrubs. Some kind of comedy every day.

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