Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[Defined] Useless Tidbit #1

This is what women in these parts dub the 'Man's Mall.'

Not to be confused with Menards, which is a little more on the 'commercial' end of home and garden improvement megastores.

Fleet Farm sells everything.

One's shoppping cart might include:

1) stable door
2) animal feed for Roger the rooster to Henry (pronounced on-ri) the horse
3) clothes (flannels for $14, the same kind you can buy in soho for $179)
4) generic Fleet Farm branded food, in bulk (nuts, dried fruits, candy...think trail mix)
5) fun expensive machines to play with in the yard
6) wood
7) rifles (and ammunition)
8) fishing poles
9) hunting action figure dolls (see below)
10) camouflaged duck tape (my dad bought immediately without need)
11) full sized kayaks

Since you don't have a Fleet Farm near you, you can buy this sweetie, Bow Hunter Ann, for your own sweetie here.

However if you can get to a Fleet Farm, I suggest you try to. Everyone that works on the floor has to wear blaze orange, it's like Halloween (or gun season, for all you in the know) year round.

Last week I purchased wrapping paper there that featured a deer-themed print (smiling bucks, antlers floating around on their own, broadhead carbon arrows, trees) for only $1.99. I'm going to wrap all upcoming presents in it.

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  1. I love Fleet Farm. Kim and I stop there every time we're in WI. It has a great fishing tackle section, and the fall fashions aren't bad either. Also - free pocket knife or compass with fishing license purchase!