Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miniature Ponies vs Rob Halford

If I had the resources and wizardry I would design an atari bit-size animated game to put this battle of fierceness to scale.  I hope you can make due with the materials below.  Feel free to print the photos and attach to popsicle sticks, then thrash.

Rob Halford at The Muart, Indianapolis, 06/30/09

Motorcycle (5 pts)
Protective Leather Armor (3 pts)
Aerodynamic Head (1 pt)
Pitchfork (4 pts)
Hooded Magic Cloak (-1 pt)

Miniature Ponies of Nekimi, 07/08/09

Gremlin Shriek (2 pts)
Hooves (4 pts)
Cute Cloak (bonus 10 pts)
Pull-Cart (-5 pts)
Beautiful Hair (1 pt)

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